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Before claiming, please check the claims list for the availability of muses. In order to claim, join the community with your muse's journal. Create a new post on the community. Follow this format:
TAGS:     #claim, [muse's group - no brackets]
        Name of muse:
        Program enrolled in:
        Year in the university:
        Organization(s): *optional
        In-campus dorm? (Y/N):
        If YES, in which dorm does your muse to stay? (Boys/Girls/Mixed):
        If NO, where does your muse stay?:
Once you are part of the community, please be aware of the following rules and abide by them:
  1. This is an AU roleplay (e.g. Big Bang are not Big Bang). Real-life events involving your muse should not affect the game.
  2. Gender-switching is allowed. If you want a woman!TOP muse, then we're not stopping you from claiming one. One thing, though: You're going to have to change the muse's name to one that fits their gender.
  3. No mixing IC and OOC, please.
  4. No sudden deaths or suicides. Let the mods know if you want to kill off your muse.
  5. Be active. Update your muse's Twitter at least twice a week and their journal at least once a month. Make your muse available for scenes on AIM at least a few times a week.
  6. Have fun! This is a roleplaying GAME, so it's meant to be fun.

If you have comments, suggestions, or questions, feel free to post them here. All comments will be screened. Or email the mod @ dax715[at]
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