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Salleneo University currently has 30 accredited student organizations, categorized as professional, special interest and socio-civic organizations. Since its founding, the SU has continuously delivered quality student services and produced outstanding student leaders dedicated to serving the Sallenean community.

Business Administration Society
The Business Administration Society (BAS) is one of the leading professional organizations in Salleneo University. We pride of our dedicated members whose holistic formation is honed through academic excellence, organizational and personal development, and social responsibility. This institution is committed to fostering passionate student leaders, maximizing student potentials and providing developmental opportunities for Sallenean business students.

Economics Organization
The Economics Organization (EconOrg) is the breeding ground of future business leaders, nation builders and policy makers. It is composed of students who serve as paragons of academic excellence and beacons of service. The organization looks at being in dynamic synergy with the Economics Department and their goals. It is a student research organization that lobbies for growth and development of young economists, serving the Sallenean community and the global society.

Junior Institute of Accountants
JIA produces well-rounded individuals who are technically competent to do their business engagements and knows how to appreciate and enjoy life. It complements the academic training of accountants through book service, tutorials, and test supplementary lecture series.

Management of Financial Institution Association
MaFIA invites all students who are interested in making money, since we sponsor talks on investing in the stock market, schemes on how to make one’s money grow, etc. It also organizes field trips to financial institutions in Asia and around the world.

Computer Society
CompSoc prides itself as a professional organization. Its activities aim to bring the industry’s technology to the academe and develop the knowledge and skills of its members through numerous seminars on Virtual Reality, the Internet, Data Communications, and the like.

Union of Students Inspired Towards Education
The Union of Students Inspired Towards Education, or UnITEd, is the professional organization of the College of Education guided by the Sallenean principle, working with the heart to live a life of service to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives.

UnITEd strives for excellence, prioritizing the needs of Education students. This organization aims to ignite passion for Education and to mold students to become advocates of Education who will contribute to the global Educational System.

In the light of this vision, UnITEd aspires to holistically develop Education students into becoming future teacher leaders by providing venues for character development activities enhancing professional and personal skills maximizing student’s potential as well as instilling volunteerism through socio-civic activities.

Civil Engineering Society
CES is "built to build" its members not only in academics, but also to abide by the Sallenean virtues. It offers its members fun-filled activities as well as information regarding the latest technology in the construction industry.

Chemical Engineering Society
ChEnSoc provides a variety of activities such as seminars, career talks, exposure trips, and socio-civic activities for its members. All these are in fulfillment of the Society’s vision of producing true Sallenean engineers.

Electronic and Communications Engineering Society
The ECES is the organization representing students taking up electronics and communications engineering. A dynamic organization, it strives to meet the needs of its members.

Industrial Engineering Society
The Industrial Engineering Society (IES) is the professional organization for Industrial Engineering. It aims to develop holistic Sallenean Industrial Engineers who not only excel in academics but are also individuals willing to take on their vital role towards technological and industrial advancement.

Mechanical Engineering Society
MES pursues a move towards the task of serving and involving its members in a wide array of academic and technical projects, as well as socio-civic activities.

Association of Computer Engineering Students
ACCESS is a professional organization that was built for students taking up Computer Engineering. It offers academic related activities and career related activities in order for the students to develop their skills maturely and expand their engineering abilities as well as nurturing their social awareness, and understanding.

Behavioral Science Society
The BSS serves as the official organization of the Behavioral Sciences degree program. It is committed in implementing academic, socio-civic, and developmental activities that benefit the Behavioral Sciences community. It envisions a student organization that initiates, organizes, and leads projects that employ perspectives found in Behavioral Sciences courses such as social research, organizational development, human resource management, and program development.

European Studies Association
The European Studies Association (ESA) aims to motivate and influence its members and the Sallenean community in strengthening Asian-European Relations. Moreover, it has been able to strengthen its external relations, specifically with the United Nations, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the European Embassies, the European Cultural Centers, and the other European Studies student organizations in the other universities in Asia.

Literature Circle
The Literature Circle (LitCircle) shall guide its members to become responsible readers, critics, and writers through the academic study of texts to ensure full understanding and appreciation for the written word. It shall commit itself towards fostering a love for literature.

Nihon Kenkyu Kai
Nihon Kenkyuu Kai (NKK) or the Japanese Studies Society is a professional organization for Japanese Studies Majors of Salleneo University, and students who are interested in Japan. NKK fosters mutual understanding in building bridges of friendship with the Japanese. It is a channel for interested students to learn about the different aspects of Japanese culture, traditions, customs and its people.

Political Science Society
POLISCY is for those interested in learning more about the socio-political and economic structures in our society. It aims to develop students into active, critical, progressive, and nationalistic citizens working towards the attainment of a free, peaceful, just, equitable, and prosperous Asian society.

Society of Psychology Majors
SPM, the official Psychology organization of Salleneo University, seeks to unify the Psychology community by catering to their interests and needs. It aims to further develop Psychology as a discipline in Salleneo by providing talks, seminars, symposia, socio-civic events and activities to students.

Students of Philosophy in Action
SoPhiA envisions a community of individuals who are critical thinkers, open to liberal thoughts, intellectually honest, and appreciative of the mysteries of human existence. Its mission is to initiate opportunities, to build unity among its members, and to encourage greater appreciation of Philosophy.

Liga Historia
Liga Historia helps provide students with a wider perspective of things by inculcating in them a profound interest and understanding of the human past, geared at the preservation and cultivation of knowledge. The organization endeavors to initiate activities that are responsive to the needs of the society and country, hence instilling in the students a genuine and unwavering sense of pride in their own nation’s culture, heritage and identity.

Chemistry Society
CHEMSOC dedicates itself to serving, first and foremost, the Sallenean community. For the past few years, it has established its testament of excelling in the field of chemistry.

Mathematics Circle
The SU Mathematics Circle is a professional organization that primarily aims to bring out the mathematical interests and skills of its members by implementing activities that challenge the students' competence in the field of Mathematics and Statistics. These activities also offer opportunities for students to practice their critical thinking in decision making. With these in mind, the Circle envisions excellent Salleneans, scientists, and leaders by promoting mathematical research, math appreciation, membership involvement and friendship building. Through these missions, the Circle aims to bring the best out of each student.

Physics Society
PHYSOC is for those interested in Physics and its applications. The organization aims to provide quality service to the Physics community. It also conducts activities such as quiz/contests, symposia, colloquia, exhibits, stargazing, field trips, and many more.

Societas Vitae
Societas Vitae, an organization for Biology and Pre-med students, aims to raise the level of consciousness of Salleneans with regard to environmental preservation, better appreciation of medical missions and outreach programs to bring out excellence in students.

United International Student Organization
UNISTO is focused on the rights and development of International Students studying at Salleneo University. Its goals are to further awareness of the International Student population to the students, faculty and personnel involved with SU while forming camaraderie among themselves. Through celebration of all represented cultures and exploration into the foreign culture that its members reside in, UNISTO hopes to further the spirit of respect and multiculturalism that transcends beliefs and nationality.

Media Technology Society
MTSoc is an organization geared towards providing quality venues for students of the Sallenean community to learn, appreciate, and understand digital arts and multimedia technology. Through our various, exhibits, seminars, and handson workshops on different multimedia authoring software, students are able to keep up with the evolving nature of animation and digital media technology.

Outdoor Club
Go beyond your wildest dreams, explore with the Outdoor Club. Experience mountain climbing, rapelling, spelunking, wind surfing, river trailing, swimming, scuba diving, cycling, fishing, and many more.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
SEDS is a chapter of the larger student run organization based in the United States. This chapter aims to increase awareness of the pioneering field that is the space industry, in alignment with the SEDS vision of a space-faring world. The space industry sparks discovery and advancement in technology across all fields of study.

Barely a percentage of that information reaches the Asian students, but if we open a channel with that world, we can find new ideas to inspire our students and tap their imagination, pushing them to think beyond limits and to be truly innovative.

Thespian Circle
The Thespian Circle is the official theater organization of Salleneo University. The organization aims to foster a love for theater arts among its members and to develop members' skills in drama and stage performance. TC produces at least two big theatrical productions each year and a number of small plays.

Writers’ Guild
Writers’ Guild aims to generate an initiative for writing within its members by providing ways for them to learn to appreciate writing through honing their literary writing skills as well as incorporating technical and course related writing.
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